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Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular Activity plays a vital role in shaping the life of a person, especially young learner. It is particularly conducive for the harmonious development of body and mind of a budding personality, facilitating his/her intellectual, emotional, social, moral and aesthetic growth taken together. This is how extracurricular activities have become the part and parcel of education system.

Co-curricular Activity Features

• Classroom lesson strengthens when same co-curricular activity is performed.
• Intellectual goals are accomplished when supplemented by character building and physical growth.
• Co-ordination, extempore expressions, adjustment are best outcome of it.
• Life enriching experiences like acting, singing, recitation and narrating may be observed through it.

Importance of Co-curricular Activity

• helps to accomplish the objectives of education through free expression, debates, co-operation, coordination, etc.
• develops the habits of constructive competition, brings efficiency in ideas, improves skill and competence.
• brings pleasant changes and develops joyous experiences.
• makes one responsible for family and society.
• develops the capacity of organizing events and enables for managerial and leadership activities.
• creates avenues to meet with people and thereby helps in socialization, self-identification and self-assessment.
• develops the ability of decision making.
• develops the sense of belongingness.
• Activities like field trips, tours and excursion help to know about other people, their work, culture and customs.

EUB Co-curricular Activities:

• Library Activities.
• Physical Development Activities.
• Aesthetic and Cultural Development Activities.
• Civic Development Activities
• Social Welfare Activities.

EUB encourages students to actively engage in co-curricular clubs and activities on campus. EUB offers dynamic student programs that foster leadership development, complement the classroom experience and build community.
Students lead a broad array of cultural, academic, social and political organizations. Representatives in student government collaborate with university leaders to enhance the student experience. Student journalists write, edit and produce multimedia content for a number of campus publications. Students explore career interests through a range of professional organizations that provide networking and recruitment opportunities. Students interested in the arts participate in a variety of visual and performing arts groups. Political groups on campus draw on EUB’s location in the nation’s capital to host distinguished speakers and lively debates. Many more student organizations provide entertainment, serve the local community, and celebrate the cultures and traditions of EUB’s students.


The professional staff of the Center for Student Engagement works collaboratively with undergraduate and graduate students to create an engaging and vibrant co-curricular experience. The staff advises student organizations and offers a variety of its own programs, including:
• New Student Orientation (NSO) welcomes first-year and transfer students to EUB before each semester. More than 500 student sophomore, junior and senior volunteers serve as orientation advisors for NSO. These experienced students help ease the transition to University life by providing new students with a variety of events and activities designed to better acquaint them with the campus and their peers.
• The EUB Office of Leadership Development helps students learn more about leadership theory, styles and practical opportunities. Through workshops, retreats and seminars, the office gives students the framework and tools to serve as effective leaders on campus and in society.


EUB Business Club
EUB English Club
EUB Law Club
EUB Textile Engg. Club
EUB Civil Engg. Club


Co-Curricular Office:

Contact under mentioned persons to get information on clubs and club days

Mr. Mahmudul Hasan
Asst. Manager, ICT
Co-Curricular Coordinator

Saluzzaman ChaYon
Asst. Manager, Accounts
Co-curricular Assistant

Md. Sohel Arman
Executive, Accounts
Co-curricular Assistant