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The Department is committed to integrating its need based interests and its teaching at both undergraduate and graduate levels. In both its undergraduate and graduate teaching the Department aims to provide comprehensive historical and methodological coverage of the field of English Language and Literary Studies. The Department believes that learning in its deepest sense can best be achieved through coherent structures of course work in combination with imaginatively supervised independent study. We have tried to maintain a curriculum at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels that are both coherent and innovative.The Department teaches a wide variety of courses that include offerings in traditional literary history, Western thought, Continental Literature, American Literature, Third World Literature. The Department believes that students need to see English Studies as a discipline, a very specific way of coming to knowledge through the study of language in both literary and non-literary texts. The goal of this Department is to prepare students to English professionally to interact and work with national , govt., non-govt. international organizations and communities, access to global information, gain an aesthetic understanding of the language, further their education, and ultimately to improve the quality of life for themselves ,their community and their country. We also present our students with an English Language and Literature Curriculum that has been adapted to the changing world in which we live. We invite you to share the privilege of being part of the EUB English Department