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In pursuance of the overall mission, objective and goal of the European University of Bangladesh (EUB), the law Department is firmly committed to achieve and maintain a high standard of education in legal field, suited to the needs of the country and the modern dynamic society of the 21st century. The major thurst of the Department of Law is to provide quality education through imparting knowledge of law and understanding of law.Law has been playing an increasingly important role in almost all spheres of modern life. A degree in law would provide a useful qualification for both personal and professional development. In addition to careers within the legal profession, there are also wide opportunities for legally qualified graduates in many other fields. The objective of the LL.B. (Hons.) program is to have qualified and trainned graduates for all jobs in the legal field in Bangladesh as well as in abroad.
The Department of Law offers the following programmes:

1. Four year Bachelor of Law (LL.B. Hons),
2. Two year Bachelor Law (LL.B Pass),
3. Master of Law-2years Programme, which includes:
a) LL.M ( Preliminary) 1 year-Programme &
b) Master of LL.M (Final)1-year Programmes.

The courses and curricula of different programmes under the Law Department are designed to prepare students with sound academic knowledge, relevant professional skills and expertise in order that they can enter into the highly competitive professional job market or can continue further higher education. Effective legal education should incorporate practical aspect along with theoratical knowledge, and the faculty members of the Law Department have the required educational qualification and vocatinal trainning from the reputed universities and renowned educational/vocational institutions of home and abroad.All the regular and adjunct faculty members possess very good professional experience as well.