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chairmanThe European University of Bangladesh has started its journey towards achieving excellence in higher education in this country. In its consideration, the fount of progress in Europe has been higher education centering around science and technology. In search of excellence, the European University of Bangladesh will, go at length, to emulate the ways traversed by universities and institutions of higher education and learning in Europe. It will have unbridled faith in academic freedom, for it believes that in the absence of freedom to question, criticize, modify and amend, newer ideas cannot be generated and progress accounted for over time.
In its search of excellence based on the firmest belief in academic freedom, the European University of Bangladesh will endeavor to attract the best faculty, line up the efficient administration and pursue an aftercare of formal education trough a system of fostering and sustaining close contacts with alumni and continuous education.
In its Board of Trustees, it has already assembled resourceful persons with passions for excellence in higher education and research. With indefatigable diligence and a never failing allegiance to the motherland, the Board is determined to make a difference in these fields and I am confident this will show up in our programs and works in months and years to come.
We are determined to work harder, assemble the best researchists, setup and organize well-equipped laboratories and libraries, create the most congenial environment for learning and give our very best in every relevant field and area to help and support our students to become the most knowledgeable and skilled citizens of our country. Ur vision comprises a digital society, a country aspiring to apply science and technology to attain, sustain and cherish prosperity in freedom for all citizens.