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vice_chairman It is my great pleasure to offer a message of goodwill to potential students, guardians, educationists and other members of the society on behalf of the European University of Bangladesh (EUB). We shall be more than happy to welcome you at our campus to exchange and share your views.
The determinants of development have been changing from manufacturing to services and from capital resources to knowledge resources. Individuals who develop and maintain high level skills achieve success in economic and social sector. Every country endeavours to ensure that its citizens are equipped with knowledge, skills and qualifications they will need in this Millennium. The EUB is committed to develop not only high quality human resources in the country but also to earn competitive edge to meet the challenges of globalisation.
Selection of academic programmes and designing of curricula of this university have been modelled on the knowledge and skills that are essential to participate in the competitive global industry and trade. We aim at replicating the modern strategies, systems and procedures of higher educational institutions of the West through harmonious blending with the eastern social and cultural values. The EUB is pledge-bound to implement its academic programmes for the youths in their preferred disciplines giving equal emphasis on proficiency in communication both in English and computer language.

As CEO I shall ensure the provision of adequate resources, facilities and expertise for students to achieve academic, personal and career goals in a stimulating and supportive environment. Our faculty will include a good number of reputed expatriate professionals to ensure regular interaction and consultation outside class room to familiarize them with the global scenarios and widening the horizon of their knowledge.

Having long experiences in teaching at overseas universities and national management development institute and working with the World Bank, I am committed to undertake collaborative activities with other public and private universities at home and abroad for mutual interests.
In conclusion, I would like to reiterate here that all our endeavours and initiatives will only be successful if all the stakeholders come forward in extending their whole-hearted and generous cooperation.

Prof. Dr. Mokbul Ahmed Khan
MA (DU), PhD (Moscow)
Former Professor, Otago University, New Zealand
Vice Chancellor
European University of Bangladesh