Students Welfare Committee (SWC)

The welfare of its students is of paramount importance to European University of Bangladesh. As such, a Student Welfare Committee exists in the University to have the crucial responsibility of ensuring that the physical and mental well-being of all students is given proper attention. The Committee is available to assist students with any problem they may be experiencing, be it physical, mental, social, financial or otherwise. The importance of this Committee in protecting students and facilitating their academic and personal success cannot be overemphasized. A Student Representative and Student Welfare Officer will be included in this Committee, alongside the Director of the Admission and Students Affairs, and the relevant Campus Head. The Student welfare Committee looks after the welfare of the students with the support of teachers and management. The welfare policy of the University mainly focuses on providing the most suitable academic, social and cultural environment to bring out the best from each individual student.
Some of the welfare measures initiated by the University are:

– Counseling and mentorship for individual students and groups.
– Orientation programs for freshers to familiarize and to settle with the university.
– Training in communication development.
– Remedial classes for academically weak students.
– Provision for indoor and outdoor games.
– Financial support for financially weak students.
– Scholarship for academically brilliant students.
– Financial support for participating in cultural programmes in and outside the University, especially in the ‘Clemon Indoor University Tournament’, ‘ULab Fair Play Cup’, ‘Red Bull Campus Cricket World Final’ etc.
– Subsidized canteen facility.
– Guidance and assistance to every student as and when need arises.

Student welfare committee members:

i)  Md. Monirul Islam (Rintu)
Director, Admission & Students’ Affairs
ii) Mr. Nurtaj Ali
Dy. Registrar
Dy. Convener
iii)  Hasibur Rahaman, Ph.D
Dy. Registrar
iv) Arjuman Haque
Asst manager
v) Mrs. Nusrat Zahan Liza
Co-ordination officer
Member Sub-committee A
Responsible for the students
of EEE & Textile Engg. Department
vi) Md. Ishtiak Uddin
Asst. Professor
vii) Ms. Farzana Alam
Asst. Professor
viii) Mr. Saluzzaman (Choyan)
Assistant Manager
Member Sub-committee B
Responsible for the students
of BBA & MBA Program
(Business Faculty)
ix) Mr. Tauhiduzzaman
Asst. Professor
x) Md. Nafiz Imtiaz Khan
Asst. Manager (Accounts)
xi) Mrs. Nasima Akhter
Member Sub-committee C
Responsible for the students
of Law Department
xii) Md. Monirul Islam (Rintu)
xiii) Md. Jan – E – Alam
xiv) MS. Rumana Afroz
Sr. Accounts Officer
Member Sub-committee D
Responsible for the Students
of Civil Engineering Department
xv) Ms. Afsana Chowdhury
xvi) Abu Saleh Shuvo
Asst. Registrar
xvii) Ms. Zinia Abdein Juthi
Member Sub-committee E
Responsible for the students
of English & Tourism & Hotel
Management Department