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Historians have traced the development of the Tourism and Hospitality industry through thousands of years of many cultures. Viewing the industry through the lens of history is helpful because, it reveals the strong relationship between the shape of Tourism and Hospitality industry and the needs and expectations of different societies. Tourism and Hospitality industry also extends over a wide range of business each of which is dedicated to the service of people away from home.

Today tourism is the single largest industry in the world. As per UNWTO statistics, international tourist arrivals stood at 940 million and foreign exchange earnings was 923 billion U.S. Dollar in the year 2010. Tourism is termed as the master key of the world economy. It is the industry of the industries because tourism is the combination of 104 sectors. It produces 1 job in every 2 and half seconds. More than 300 million persons are directly employed in the industry throughout the world. One out of every 8 persons is employed in this sector. This trend shall continue throughout 21st century. According to UNWTO, the growth of tourism would mostly concentrate in the Asian region during this period.

The principal objective of the Bachelor Degree Program in Tourism and Hospitality Management of the European University of Bangladesh is to produce skilled and competent manpower who would be well trained to meet the ever growing demand of the tourism sector. Since Tourism and Hospitality is a labour intensive profitable industry both for public and private undertakings, there is a high demand world-wide for qualified persons with professional degree in this sector. Responding to this demand European University of Bangladesh has decided to offer a four-year professional degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Those who are considering a career in Tourism and Hospitality industry are cordially wel-come to the Tourism and Hospitality Management Department at the European University of Bangladesh where we-

We at the European University of Bangladesh strongly believe that, without quality education human resource in tourism cannot be developed. So, with a view to meeting the global demand of educated, skilled and qualified human resource for Tourism industry, European University of Bangladesh has launched the Bachelor (Honours) Program in Tourism and Hospitality Management. We expect that our care for quality education and efficient method of teaching would help open the door of a new horizon of career development in Tourism and Hospitality industry for all participants of the program.