Fazlul Haque

Professor Barrister A Y M FazlulHoque Department of  Law.

Barrister A Y M FazlulHoqueChairman, Department of Law Of European University of Bangladesh receiving the DeshBorenno Golden Award Recognition from Deprived peoples Right Preservation Society on 2nd June, 2018 which was handed over by the former ministerNazimuddin Al-Azad.MrHoque has been serving as the Chairman of the Law Department of European UniversityOfBangladesh for more than 6 Years since its inception in April 2012. In all he served for more than 12 years as Head of Chairman ofthe Law Department of different universities of Bangladesh.



Colloguesof the Law Department facilitatesBarrister AY M FazlulHoqueforreceiptof the Award.



Prior to this academic career, Barrister Hoque had adistinguished career in an international organization namely UNICEF where he served for more than 26 years with dedication,which was duly recognized by the Executive Director of UNICEF while awarding him UN serviceplaque.To quote the words of the Executive Director –“I am pleased to enclose a service award plaque as a symbol of our gratitude”.